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Clubhouse Architecture

Epitomized architectural marvel to ascend your luxury living!

The Clubhouse is an architectural brilliance that sprawls over 62,000 sq. ft. offering the most luxurious amenities for its discerning residents and the grand design is also about those finercontrasts which are pleasing to the senses. Picture the shell-themed Clubhouse with its imposingfaƧade and the idea of a pearl housed within.

This impeccable architectural masterpiece is a three-tier zone, with one of its kind delights! From a waterfall and top-floor infinity pool to the best amenities, everything is for the swish set to takeover! The lower levels are about classic luxury and vibrancy, while a warmer and more intimate tone takes things forward as you go upwards.

Project Architecture

Unparalleled structural excellence designed by global architects!

Fusing cutting-edge technology coupled with synchronic design contemplates this majesticseven towers of wonder- The Pearl An epitome of grandeur with exclusivity in its every character, shine in one of the prime locations of Hyderabad. Every unit exhibits an innate sense of grandiosity.

The signature touches landscaped courtyards in the basement to lush private balconies, exclusive elevators, to private foyers- you get to experience everything beyond possibilities! The architectural design incorporates ultra-exclusivity through single-floor sky mansions with massive space and intelligent designs to let you live, work, and play in style.


Architectural brilliance composing central courtyards
that add more value with well-ventilated parking areas.


With a wide selection of superior design and architecture
that fits a royal lifestyle that is inspired by world-class structures.


Architecturally sound structures with an entire
ground floor dedicated to plush amenities to amplify
the pleasures of your leisure.

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